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Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm – a rising force from the south in blues rock. Fronted by an unusual pairing of mother/daughter, this musical powerhouse brings you original tracks with sounds firmly rooted in blues history. Lee and Tori Mai

delve into the substrata of deep rock with gritty vocals and deliver pure gold. They employ complex and beautiful harmonies that, whilst utterly different, blend together seamlessly. This band has a supreme skill set which reflects in the polished fullness of the songs. The sum of two vibrant young talents and three mellow experienced veterans make this band able to look to the future as well as back in time. There new Album “Evolution” released on 21st Feb 2020 has received great reviews from both the blues and the rock world and is being regularly played both nationally and internationally. Their forth coming tour dates, festivals & gigs are regularly updated on their Facebook page and on their website www.bluesstorm.co.uk