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On April 25th 2011 the Banda POPolare dell'Emilia Rossa was born in Piazza Grande in Modena. Our intent from the very first moment was to make revolutionary, militant and anti-capitalist politics through one of the most direct, effective and emotional form of communication that exists, music....s without, of course, giving up the "balotta" (balotta in Modena dialect means "movida", "partying"). The Banda is a proletarian group made up of Rsu Fiom delegates from the most important metalworkers' factories in Modena, including Ferrari, Maserati, Terim and Crown, and musicians who are more precarious than this. We define our musical genre with the term "internationalist" because it wants to be outside of any predefined scheme that is not the unity and solidarity of the subordinate classes also in the musical and artistic field beyond all frontiers. Never as in our times is it necessary to raise our heads and proudly defend the struggle traditions of the workers' movement also from a cultural and artistic point of view. For this reason, today more than ever before, the reasons and ideals of the Resistance are more relevant. The Banda POPolare dell'Emilia Rossa is inspired in building its artistic production to a basic principle well expressed by Karl Marx "money must be only a means for art that must be the end and not vice versa". Our motto is that of André Breton: Independence of art - for the revolution. The revolution - for the definitive liberation of art