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Driving with an unstoppable air of integrity and artistry combined, Vancouver’s ImButcher kicks off 2020 with a brand new album of beautifully immersive, profoundly engaging songs. Bringing together a plethora of original tracks crafted throughout the past twelve months, the album "Rewind’ showcases ImButcher’s incomparable creativity alongside an unwavering professionalism. His finely tuned skill for sound design meets with a clear passion for music, fusing elements of electro pop with deep house in a seamless, hypnotic fashion. The 18-strong collection proves as entrancing as it is exotic, nostalgic, and brilliantly refreshing. Faultlessly uniting unusual chord patterns with satisfying melodic developments, introducing a number of sincere and memorable vocalists, each composition works hard to deliver its own moment of utter escapism for the listener. There’s an intricate and considerate method of artistry to ImButcher’s work, and for all of these reasons, the new album seeks to boldly transcend that which came before.