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Obscurley (adverb) is defined as in a way that is difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify or in a deliberately enigmatic manner. Obscurley is a Pacific-Northwest based indie-alternative musical group established in Portland, Oregon in 2019. Their genre cannot be narrowed down to one select style, but rather ranges from Rock and Blues to Reggae / Ska Punk; from Classic Hip-hop to Country and Folk; to Electronica. Thus, the name Obscurley. The Music Genome Project describes Obscurley’s music as: Basic rock song structures Subtle use of vocal harmony Mild rhythmic syncopation Call and response songwriting Members of the group include (1) C+C – vocals, rhythm guitar, drums, piano, and bass; (2) Sultry Samurai – keyboard and vocals, and (3) Tyler McGrath (TM) – lead guitar. C+C and Sultry Samurai have intentionally kept their identities hidden on stage and off as part of the stratagem behind the group’s theme.