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Phoenix Alba is a rock’n’roll band formed in 2018 by Francesco Goldoni (Voice & Rythm Guitar), Lorenzo Maselli (Lead Guitar), Mattia Arletti (Bass & Keyboards), Luca Torreggiani (Drums & Percussion). Our influences come from classic rock, grunge, blues, hard rock and alternative rock music. 
 All the songs are self-produced and recorded independently, in the spirit of "do it yourself" to guarantee our expressive freedom and the possibility of creating every single song without being subjected to market rules or the need to remain within boundaries of pre-packaged musical genres. 
 “Fantastically eccentric, bass-heavy, glam-grunge throbber from Italy’s Phoenix Alba a band who are as unique and compelling as their name. You can dance to it, or you can break windows to it, it works either way. Who knows where this band goes next. Just make sure you’re there.” Classic Rock Magazine UK Issue 274 April 2020 (Invisible Airways CD)