Alex Sanzo


  1. 1.
    Love in Action
  2. 2.
    Can't Let You Go
  3. 3.
    Tini Tiny World
  4. 4.
    Why Don't You Stay
  5. 5.
    One and Only
Adopted at a young age, Alex never fully knew where his desire for music came from. But he knew he always felt it.
His creative process? “It’s just what I feel” he says. Sanzo plays music by ear, by feeling.
His musical journey began as a music producer and songwriter in Los Angeles, where he quickly gained notice. But what he was missing was himself.
“I didn’t feel inspired making music like a factory for other people that did no work or didn’t live my story in my music.”
Picking up the guitar again, Alex began to create the music he always wanted, what he always felt. The truth in himself through his love for music.
With his first single, Testify, Sanzo strips down the track to the bare minimum. African drums, 808s, and vocals that call to mind a feeling of inspiration and perseverance. A primitive feeling, the essence of what it means to feel one’s own truth, through love.
Amassing a prolific body of large scale abstract paintings, Sanzo never stopped creating. An art he discovered, just like music, by doing what he felt.
“Painting reinvigorated my creativity, it helped me become free again, it helped me believe.”
He feels it is time to finally let down his guard and share his feelings through art.
“I’ve been inspired to create only because of others before me not being afraid to share with the world, and I don’t want to be afraid anymore.”
Alex’s debut album Love in Action” is out now.
He says his one message to people, “is that everything will be ok.”


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