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Cinderella was a hard rock band formed in Philadelphia, PA. in 1982. Tom Keifer (Lead vocal/guitar) Eric Brittingham (Bass) Fred Coury (Drums) Jeff La Bar (Guitar), exploded onto the 80’s scene with multi-platinum albums, hit singles & heavy rotation on MTV. The years 1985 - 1994, 4 records were released. Night Songs, Long Cold Winter, Heartbreak Station & Still Climbing. By mid 90’s, the band experienced setbacks with changes in the music industry. Cinderella reunited in 1998 to tour but never released a record after 1994's Still Climbing. 1998 to 2014, the band had a series of 8 tours before playing their last show in 2014. Cinderella produced some of the most memorable, popular hard rock songs of the '80s rock era selling over 15 million records worldwide. Tom Keifer continues to tour & released 2 solo records. #keiferband's 2019 "RISE" charted Top 10 BILLBOARD Hard Rock Sales. Keifer’s deep-seated roots, embedded at the very heart of the music created during the multiplatinum Cinderella days, shine through on RISE... “RISE features tunes that cull inspiration from NIGHT SONGS/LONG COLD WINTER with a modern punch. On RISE, KEIFER is showing the kids & his contemporaries how it’s done. Well done #keiferband 5.0 Out Of 5.0” - KNAC RISE #3 Top 10 albums 2019 “A gem of a record that walks the line of recaputuring the heart of his early works yet still feels totally vibrant for today. Keifer’s second act is something to rise up and cheer. - LOUDWIRE - RISE Top 50 albums 2019