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    Smothered Love
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    Moment Too
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    Northern Sky
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    Time Tells Me
Time Tells Me – new EP release from Catty Pearson.
“A breath of Mother Earth”
London based singer-songwriter Catty Pearson, with her musical roots planted in folk, country and blues and her head set on unravelling some of the confusion she feels in today’s world, is releasing her stunning debut EP Time Tells Me on Wednesday 24th October 2018. The album launch gig is at the Laylow in Notting Hill on Tuesday 23rd October.
This new collection of five songs was recorded with Chris Kimsey, best known for his work producing the Rolling Stones at legendary Olympic Sound Studios.
“when you listen to Catty Pearson, take a deep, deep breath as her gracious soothing voice transports your blood pressure and heartbeat to a new vista. Truly unspoilt, a breath of Mother Earth."
Catty, who has been compared to Norah Jones, describes Time Tells Me as her enquiry into materialism and the insidious creeping of technology into all areas our lives. These song hold up a mirror and reflect, beautifully and poignantly, what many of us are thinking and feeling.
“Her voice forms an oasis of serenity amidst the chaos of the world.” A fan.
‘Time Tells Me’ will be released on Spotify and iTunes. The EP features Ollie Clarke on the guitar, Evan Jenkins on drums, Lukas Drinkwater on the base and double base, Flora Curzon on the Violin, Nichol Thompson on the Trombone and Jansen Santana playing Percussion.


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