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Modena City Ramblers (also known as MCR) is an Italian punk rock folk band founded in 1991 on Saint Patrick's Day. Heavily influenced by Celtic themes and Irish music and known for their left-wing politics, their lyrics often speak out against the Mafia and Fascism. Several of the Ramblers' songs, such as "Cent'anni di solitudine", "Macondo Express", and "Remedios la Bella" are inspired by the 1967 novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Nobel Prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez. The song "Il bicchiere dell'addio" features Irish singer Bob Geldof on vocals and MCR also recorded a version of Geldof hit "The Great Song of Indifference" in Emiliano-Romagnolo language. Album “Appunti Partigiani” features collaborations with many artists, including Goran Bregović, Billy Bragg, Moni Ovadia, Piero Pelù, and Francesco Guccini. Deeply in love with Pogues music, MCR collaborated with Terry Woods in several recordings. The 2015 effort “Tracce Clandestine” shows Ramblers covering songs from artist they appreciate, recording, among others, with Les Negresses Vertes guitarist-vocalist Mellino, Spanish band La Pegatina, Bosnian band Dubioza Kolektiv and Italian singer Eugenio Finardi. The last band album, “Riaccolti”, is a totally acoustic work, and is currently played live in Italian theatres.