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"a deadly but tender embrace, forget about the world outside" Can they really go one better? Yes, they can. Sonically and playfully, the four exceptional musicians take it up a notch: the new track Y rages through a good 4 minutes at an incredible speed. This song is the second harbinger of the EP 'Boxes', which is planned for January 2022. What the band releases into the wild with 'Y' is an enormous pound and nothing other than an anticipated culmination of their current creative power. The alternative metal outfit from Berlin and Kaiserlautern have increasingly developed in the direction of progressive metalcore with a lot of melody in recent years. The band released the concept album 'Asylum' in 2020, which received consistently positive reviews in the press. After the Covid-crisis, they are now taking to the stages again to provide the live experience, which can never be completely replaced, in addition to the studio record, and to be able to meet their ever-growing fan base in person again. 
 “Chaosbay knows precisely when to unleash the musical beast. Once it is free, it will quickly tear you apart. However, they will also take care of your wounds with their more melodic and mellow side.“ - Sonic Perspectives, 2020 For friends of: Periphery, Architects, Gojira, Dream Theater, Steven Wilson, Pain of Salvation, The Intersphere, TOOL, TesseracT, Monuments, Porcupine Tree, I Prevail, Bring Me The Horizon, Twelve Foot Ninja, Unprocessed, The Hirsch Effekt, Linkin Park