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Welcome to another artist bio of an artist not big enough for someone other than the artist to write it for them. And so here I am in this weird tension of feeling the need to brag about myself while not trying too hard. I have to admit, the previous bio that I just hit delete on didn't do that very well: I presented myself as pretty big. However, it left me feeling rather little. Here's the truth: I'm an instrumental artist. Therefore, even if you had heard my music before, you probably didn't know (nor care to know) it was me. Totally get it! Much of my tracks play behind commercials or while you are sleeping. You may not have ever been conscious of my music, but if I never distracted you from the product you were being sold or never woke you up, you're welcome! You would never know to say thank you and I'm okay with it. In fact, I don't want it nor need it and here's why: Every day I get to remind myself I'm making music for me and for the immediate people in my own life. I do it because I love it. Before any money mysteriously trickled back to me from it, I created music as a hobby; beginning as an introverted teenager in my bedroom. Every day, I get to revel in my most enjoyable hobby. So please, keep watching TV or YouTube ads or sleeping. Yes, please keep sleeping. I'm not looking for a thank-you because I'm the one that needs to say it. You're helping pay my bills while I get to act like I'm working. Thank you!