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Dosia McKay, born in 1971 in the Baltic city of Gdańsk, is an American composer of music for the concert stage, film, and modern dance. A versatile sound colorist, McKay fluently weaves elements of classical harmony, avant-garde, ambient soundscapes, and her own visual art into the fabric of her compositions. Her portfolio includes works for symphony orchestra, chamber ensembles, choir, soloists, as well as electro-acoustic installations. She is equally at home writing for live performers and traditional instruments as she is modulating the parameters of her software synthesizers. Many of her earlier works exhibit a type of Slavic nostalgia expressed by introspective, minor tonalities, and lyrical melodies. (She was, born and raised in Poland and has lived in the United States for over twenty-five years). However, in recent years, she has been drawn toward more ambiguous sonic landscapes reflective of her own abstract paintings. Her musical influences are wide and varied, from Francis Poulenc, Paul Hindemith, Igor Stravinsky, Grażyna Bacewicz, and Wojciech Kilar, through John Adams, Aaron Jay Kernis, Jennifer Higdon, Magnus Lindberg, Morton Subotnick, Brian Eno, and Sarah Kirkland Snider. Notable performers include the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, the

Knox-Galesburg Symphony, the North South Consonance Ensemble, NeoQuartet, Pan Harmonia, Baroque lutenist Will Tocaben, Argentine guitar virtuoso Sergio Puccini, and many others. More at