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Downtempo · Electronica · Chillout · Trip Hop Pleasant soundbeds, often with downtempo beats and grooves, carry soothing harmonies and melodies. German “artist slash project” Nikita Andvari has established a distinct and recognizable style that is noticeably driven by a “considerably analog” production process. Musically rooted in an education in classical piano and guitar, Nikita Andvari’s true passion is composing music. His special love for electronic music production was sparked at the age of 13, when he discovered a simple 4-channel 8-bit tracker program on his older brother's computer. In the 90s, Nikita Andvari produced breakbeat (jungle, drum ’n’ bass) music. Later, he produced for multiple “mainstreamy” electro/dance projects, for which he was awarded various prizes, including a gold record. Today, Nikita Andvari does what he enjoys most: Creating electronic downtempo music outside the mainstream. It’s his way of going full circle back to his roots – fusing sounds and experiences from his journey so far, and extracting his very own personal musical style. Releases: Urbanity (2018 downtempo LP) Meditation Manual I (2019 downtempo LP) Meditation Manual II (2019 downtempo LP) Sober (2020 ambient EP) Emeralds (2020 ambient LP) August 2020 Singles Trilogy (downtempo) 1ne 2wo 3hree 4our (2020 downtempo LP) Raumgleiter (2020 ambient EP) Forgotten Ghosts (2021 downtempo EP) Alternate Ending (2021 downtempo single) Taste of Spring (2021 ambient single)