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"The Palpitations are a band whose time has come...their music serves as a soundtrack to the chaos that surrounds us, with intelligent melodies and darkly melancholic lyrics" - Vandalism Begins At Home The Palpitations are a post-punk rock band formed by two disillusioned doctors, who bonded over their shared attempts to navigate the emergency department of their local hospital in Luton. The band hit international headlines during the pandemic, by protesting outside Downing Street and starting a national movement for justice. The Palpitations released their debut EP "FEED THE POOR! EAT THE RICH!" on 19th June 2020. Each song is based on the true story of a patient encountered while in hospital: lead single ‘SIREN’ speaks about the ravages of drug addiction on a young woman. "The Palpitations specialize in anthemic post-punk, reminiscent of Radiohead and Interpol" - New Music Social The band weave through searing vignettes of tragedy in the hospital, as they lay bare the souls of grief-stricken patients and families. The lyrics reflect these visceral, gut-punching situations. However, the mood of their songs is often juxtaposed to their storylines - the lush, melodic guitar lines provide a counterpoint to the raw stories being recounted. Meanwhile, the industrious rhythm section often veers from being a danceable backdrop to a brutal one. This juxtaposition poses a moral dilemma to the listener: how do you respond to grief?