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The Tenders are an American garage rock’n’roll trio formed in East Nashville, Tennessee. With members originally hailing from the twin cities, the land of OZ, and the Florida swamps, their sound embodies a fusion of blues rock, dark surf, garage, and rockabilly. Comprised of Tracy Jean (drums), Ariel Isa (bass), and Marco Argiro (vocals, guitar) the group formed at the end of 2017 with the intention of having fun and helping to do away with the cookie cutter, overproduced sound that has become the norm these days. The Tenders are here to shake things up by bringing some grit back to their current home in MUSIC CITY. Their tunes are catchy earworms with raw, visceral, and evocative lyrics that hint at a time of rhinestone nudes and blue suede shoes. Tracy Jean’s pounding drums will have you bopping around and shaking your heads in unison to the catchy and propulsive rhythms alongside Ariel’s thumping fuzz tone bass all while Marco’s reverb-soaked guitar and his coarse smoker’s voice croons long into the night. The Tender’s latest, “Bleed You Dry" (Out October 30st) was recorded straight to two inch tape at Sidekick Sound studios in Madison, TN . The new track is raw, guttural, and just macabre enough to meet your halloween playlist needs. Reminiscent of Screamin' Jay Hawkin's "I Put a spell on you" or The Viscount's "Harlem Nocturne.