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Amadea Music Productions is a leading production music library, specialising in creating exclusive music and sound effects for film/TV, broadcast, advertising, digital media and corporate productions. If you have an amazing project but with no music, we have the perfect high-quality track to tell your story. Amadea Music Productions work with a group of world-class composers who put their hearts and souls into the music they create. Our mission is to get you the right piece of music for your project. We don't just offer music, we offer emotions that will engage your audience, breathing life into your project. Our music catalogue is for film studios, directors, producers and creative marketing teams. You make the project, we make the music. And we guarantee that our music library will respond to the level of your movie, trailer, game, ad, and more. Experience Amadea Music Productions for yourself and see how easy it is to enjoy success in your productions from the worlds of cinema, TV, advertising, and industry. Buy ready-made, high-quality, licensed music for your ideas and use it now.