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Pastor of Congregation Yahshua Messiah Gathering, a messianic Jewish followship, R. Capt. Daniel W Merrick PhD hosts "Faith Radio - The Latter Rain Chronicles" on Anchor FM and "Yah's Way TV" on The Now Network Christian Station world wide. Dan completed his first Album in 1993 entitled "Aliyah" with 17 songs which featured "Like Stephen" which charted on the "CCM Countdown with Bob Sour" on Christian Radio Stations as a top 40 in 1994. Dan was born in Cleveland Ohio and raised on "church music" singing in the choir and as a teen was in the gospel singing group "The Teen Revivers" at Aspinwall Church of God Mountain Assembly. The group opened for the singing Rambo's in the 1970's in Cleveland. Dan grew up listening to Al Jolson, his dad's favorite artist from WW2 era 1900's who was the star of the first talking (sound) movie "The Jazz Singer" in 1929. Dan began composing music in High School and after having a few songs stolen, common in the industry, in 1987 copyrighted his first song. Dan has appeared on CTV, TCT TV and has weekly shows on The Now Network entitled "Yah's Way TV" which broadcasts to 236 million people syndicated on Cable and Statilite TV Stations in Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East, Israel and via apps online to billions. Dan's music is a collection of styles from Rock, Jazz, Gospel and Country with a stong Classical influence. Dan is the Son of "Lowes Girl" Fox Pin-up Model and Advertising Artist Laura Sloan Merrick Aka "Lolly" cousin of Jimmy Stewart.