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Contact via mg@michelgriffin.com or on +33 686 068583. I was born, at a very young age, near Oxford, in England. I had a radiantly happy childhood, for which I will never forgive my parents. Why couldn't they saddle me with that miserable, angst-ridden youth which is the essential pre-requisite for the artistic life? When I was seven, my parents, who had noticed that I enjoyed music, arranged for me to have piano lessons. I gave the lessons up after only 6 weeks - it made my brain hurt to have to do something with my left hand which was different to what I was doing with my right. It physically made my head ache! When I was fourteen, I bought my first guitar, because I had noticed that girls liked guitar players. Strangely, I had no problem doing different things with each hand on the guitar! So began a long career, which has taken me all over the world, and for which people have been kind enough to say things like: "songs positively shimmer and shine ... impeccable mastery of the guitar"- Skope Magazine "Spectacular Songs" - iTunes

"Superb musicianship" - Amazon