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hi!! thank you for being here. :) 
 Get More Rest is out now. full transparency, this song took a lot out of me to pursue. i lost my mind last summer waking up every single day to so much hatred in the world. the internet can be such a dangerous place to navigate and it disappoints me to know that what was once a tool to build human connection has now become a weapon to dehumanize others. i thought that by waking up earlier than everybody else, i’d be able to experience some stillness and maybe get ahead of it all before it triggered my anxiety & depression. unfortunately it just harmed my mental health even more. the sleep deprivation made me question my ability to take part in the conversation and if i was on the right side of history. with all the chaos, ‘get more rest’ is me taking a step back to clear my mind and practice self-care. sometimes it feels like no one person can fix what's wrong with this place, but thinking like that too much can result in not trying at all. so this is me trying.