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Curating a sound well beyond the confines of his acoustic beginnings, Philippines-based artist carlo alfonso captures an endearing, yet energetic introversion. His music resonates with playful melodies that front an indie pop-rock backdrop. As a bright spark of indie pop-rock in the Philippines, carlo alfonso has inspired curious individuals along Southeast Asia in 2021 with his full-length debut album, the little things we both shared. He started performing in gigs late 2019. A fresh new face with fresh music to captivate the hearts of those who watch him perform. With multiple covers that went viral with over thousands of views, he decided to push his career one step further. He started writing original compositions as soon as he started performing. As time passed by, he started adapting to the wonderful sounds of indie music. A fresh and timely sound for a fresh and timely artist. In contrast with this, the artist finds himself walking a fine line between the embullience of high-spirited indie rock and the tense anxiety of restless melancholia. With more upcoming music to finish off 2021, carlo alfonso plans to release more infectiously energetic, yet heartwarming tunes. Atop of lyrics telling stories of people's personal endeavors, the artist himself yearns for an intimate connection to the hearts of his listeners.