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    Loneliest Whale
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    Fire In Athena
  3. 3.
    Exploding Future Blues
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    Panic Attack
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“Everything just came to a boiling point,” explains singer/guitarist Nate Bergman. “No drummer, no tours, no songs, no label.
But that’s when, I think, we do our best work. You put all those ingredients in a pressure cooker and it’s going to explode. So we did.”
Enter Panic Attack, Lionize’s self-produced seventh LP, and the angriest thing they’ve ever done – with extra firepower courtesy of Clutch cornerstone (and longtime friend) Jean-Paul Gaster on drums. The reggae-rock and funky jibes they’re known for haven’t disappeared, but now they’re charged with an intensity that feels political and personal.
But it’s also a deeply soulful record, featuring Bergman’s strongest vocals to date – not least in the emotionally raw, almost Procol Harum-esque ballad Heavy On My Mind. And where previous records were more centred on sci-fi themes, Panic Attack is an inherently observant beast, informed by life in Trump’s America.
Through it all Panic Attack simmers with energy and emotion; a fiery marriage between furious rock and honeyed soul. “All of our heroes like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley and Fela Kuti, even Rage Against the Machine… they were angry, they had a message,” Bergman says, “and we wanted to finally be able to say we used our platform to say something in relation to all this anger.”
If you know and like Lionize already, you’ll love Panic Attack. And for the uninitiated, you’ve come at an exciting time. Step inside…
- Polly Glass (Classic Rock Magazine)


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