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Over the course of two decades, Shinedoe has carved a path into the world of

techno and house that is entirely her own. Shinedoe’s relentless passion for the finer elements of electronic dance music has seen her win over hearts and minds in every aspect she has turned her attention to - from her transformative DJ performances, authoritative productions and exquisitely curated label - Intacto. Like only a handful others in the scene, her name signifies a strength of purpose and commitment to quality that is rare in the world of dance music. Based in Amsterdam and with Nigerian roots, Shinedoe has graced some of the world’s most significant DJ booths - from her countless performances in Berlin's Berghain to underground festivals and clubs all over the world. Beginning her journey as a DJ at 19 years old, Shinedoe has drawn inspiration from originators like Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson and Orlando Voorn. With her deep connection to the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and the often unsung Amsterdam scene, her DJ sets blend these influences with a warmth and style that few can hope to emulate - her mixes take dancers on a sensual, explorative trip to the beyond. <br><br>Shinedoe radiates a positivity that at times can seem in short supply elsewhere in electronic dance music. Dive in to her extensive back catalogue of productions and it’s clear she has established a sound that is recognisably her own - both timeless and unique. Read more <br>