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Blame Germany. February 14th, 2007 Black Magic Six played their first ever show in Chemnitz, Germany. Seven years later this diabolic duo from Finland has played about 600 shows in 28 countries and released four full-length albums and one minialbum. Having planted their evil seed in Germany’s soil Black Magic Six (Taskinen - guitar & vocals and Motherfuckin’ Japa - drums) returned to Hellsinki, Finland and recorded their debut album. The first born Evil Acupunction was released in 2008 and it defined the band’s own sound; short songs with frantic rhythms and aggressive guitars spiced with disturbed devil-flirting lyrics. 2020 was almost the first year, when band did not play outside Finland. Well, there was one show in Copenhagen, Denmark, but we the band can count that city has their home base. What’s next? Band enters studio in January 2021 to record 2-3 new track for new 7” and writes new material for upcoming 5th album. Some shows are planned for May 2021 for Germany and Finland at least. Never worry, never surrender! Black Magic Six: Taskinen - Guitar & Vocals Motherfuckin’ Japa - Drums Discography: Black Magic Six: Evil Acupunction (2008) Black Magic Six II: Doomsday Bound (2010) Black Magic Six III: Brutal Blues (2012) Black Magic Six: Halfway To Hell (2013) Black Magic Six: Choose Death (2017) Contact / Booking Svart Records / Svart Music jukka