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Never Sleeps is created for the dance floor: not tied to any genres, no definitions and no politics – it’s all about the music. The platform, which is a music label and events, is open to all artists who want to be involved, regardless of background, style and experience. Unlike current music labels and events, this renewed platform allows EDM, techno and, for example, progressive house to coexist. Never Sleeps opens the doors to music lovers and fans who want to dance and enjoy music without limitations. Artists get the chance to experiment with musical styles and can reinvent themselves, thanks to the innovative concept of Never Sleeps. The concept of Never Sleeps is created by Afrojack and 241 management. He pushes music in bold new directions, and at the same time, he is putting a lot of effort into his label Wall Recordings. Believing in new talent is what he stands for and showing them that the music industry is always within reach if you have heart for it. Afrojack explains: “Never Sleeps is made for the dance floor and is 100% there for music lovers and festival goers. This isn’t just about me, it’s about all artists and all music, without restrictions and politics. I am very proud of this concept and can’t wait to expand this platform.”