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Born in a small village outside Edinburgh, Nina's musical education was a long, constantly evolving one. Fully immersed in chart pop thanks to her Swedish mother, that was then mixed later with the more outre leanings of her father Nina Nesbitt’s critically lauded second album, ‘The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change’, raised the bar for the singer, songwriter and producer as she emerged from a rising prospect to an artist with a global reputation. Just '21 saw her release sun-kissed pop anthem ‘Summer Fling’, all nostalgic ‘80s synths and knowing nods to ABBA. It was written and produced solely by Nina, whose half-Scottish, half-Swedish heritage feels apt for an artist uniquely able to balance bright alt-pop with confessional singer-songwriter lyrics. She follows that up with new single "Life's A Bitch (L.A.B)", which mixes her alt-pop modernity with nostalgic, throwback synth-pop. Nina says, “‘Life’s A Bitch’ is an ‘80s inspired, post-2020, driving-your-car-through-a tunnel-at-night song. A ‘dancing while crying, and smiling through the tears’ moment. It’s about the unpredictability of life, the ups and downs, being your own worst enemy and your own best friend. The chorus is an empowering mantra for powering through the turbulence of life.”