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Walter Subject

Walter Subject

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Walter Subject are: Marc Ruff: Vocals, Manuel Randecker: Guitar, Dominik Prause: Guitar, Christoph Kluck: Bass and Brad Chainsaw: Drums

Tons of guitars, amps to 11, sweat running, beat beating, arms up, legs moving, wall of bass rumbling, hips shaking, heads moving…


That is the title of the current album of Walter Subject released on the 27th of January 2017. The title says it all. Anybody who can listen to this music without moving is either deaf, dumb or too trunk ;)

After the successful debuting album, We Are The Subjects, released in 2013 with numerous airplays (e.g. DASDING) and video rotations (e.g., IM1) Walter Subject had been on tour for quite a while. „That’s what we do best. On stage we are 111% of energy!“ On countless club shows in Germany, England, France and Switzerland and after playing great festivals (e.g. SouthSide, Campus Festival Cologne) Walter Subject worked out their perfect mixture of Rock’n’Roll and Dance and Dirt: High Performance Rock’n’Roll.

2017 will be another milestone of the bands history – when Walter Subject will release their new album JUST DANCE LIKE NOBODY'S WATCHING. This new longplayer is like pedal to the metal right through the next road movie. Even more intensive and danceable than its predecessor Walter Subject are delivering the soundtrack for the full-tilt-moments in life…

„…and if everybody is sweating and happy after the show, we will see again “.

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