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Posted By E^ST

20 year old Australian songwriter and artist E^ST (a.k.aMel Bester) has always moved to the beat of her own drum.

Maybe it’s because music has been the one constant in her life (she relocated to Australia from South Africa when she was a kid, moving house with her family close to 30 times). Or perhaps it’s something more innate that sets her apart from her peers: a natural curiosity teamed with a gift for expressing the conflicted emotions of youth in her own distinctive voice.

Above the pop hooks and moody indie-electronica and her mastery of sad words and happy music, it’s Bester’s voice that arrests the attention. There’s a weightiness and resonance to it; a space in which pain can percolate. “

Unbound by past experience and influence, E^ST is writing her own trajectory. “I don’t talk about my emotions in person, but with my music I want to be as honest as I can so there’s something people can connect to”, she says. “It’s what drives me. Music makes every moment more magical”.

3 EP’s under her belt, E^ST most recently proved herself with global single ‘Life Goes On’ and bold empowerment anthem ‘Blowjob’. A new body of work is expected later this year and the feeling is limitlessforthis young pop maverick“It's E^ST but refreshingly raw, grown up and ready to take over the goddamn world.” -Pilerats, 2018.

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