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Official Website: YouTube Page: Ruth Kihana is a Japanese singer song writer who writes songs in Japanese and English. She was originally active under the name "Ruth", but she changed her name to "Ruth Kihana" to distinguish herself from other artists and help people to find her easily. (Ruth Spotify Page: The name "Kihana" stems from her love of nature since she was a child. She's always full of energy when she's in natural places. Even when she's sick, nature makes her feel better. Therefore, she chose kanji that reprsent natural beauty. By combining "木 (Ki)", which means tree, and "花 (Hana)", which means flower, her name became "Kihana". Nowadays, she doesn't sing on stage, but releases a new digital song every month. (旧アーティスト名:Ruth) Ruth Spotify ページ: 日本人シンガーソングライター。日本語と英語で作詞作曲している。 Ruthという名で活動を行なっていたが、明確化し見つけやすくするためにRuth Kihanaと改名。 名前の由来は小さい頃から自然が大好きで、 自然の中に入ると熱があった時でさえ元気になる性格だったので、自然の漢字の中から ”木” と ”花” を選び、Kihanaとなる。 現在ライブ活動は行わず、月一曲のペースでオリジナル曲を公開する活動を行なっている。