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Sugar Nap is the moniker for the young, up and coming musician, songwriter, and producer from Seattle, Caleb Kallander. Debuting with a single in July of 2020, Going Nowhere is a synthesis of progressive, pop, electronic and psychedelic music woven with Kallander's caramelly production and contemplative lyricism inspired by love, dreams, decisions, and doubt. Kallander wrote, produced, engineered, and mixed the music as well as played all of the instruments featured. Additional mixing was done with Eric Lilavois, an owner & producer of the legendary London Bridge Studio. (Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Brandi Carlile and 3 Doors Down) The music video for Going Nowhere takes place underwater in a handful of scenes, a comfortable place for Caleb, who is an enthusiastic recreational and professional scuba diver, happiest surrounded by nature and especially the ocean, a major theme in much of Caleb's work. The video conceptualizes introspective projections from a psychedelic bath; panning from ocean scenes, foggy rainforests, and other wet esoteric projections that help capture Kallander's visual vision for the philosophical song. His second single, Stay, captures the nostalgic sounds of tape machines, guitar solos, and synthesizers, while singing about the indecisiveness to stay in or leave a rainbow love drenched toxic relationship. Going Nowhere, Stay, and Slow Motion are singles from Sugar Nap upcoming 2021 full length album.