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    Hey Boy
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    Wild Cat
Behind this infantile and festive patronymic are hidden four musician friends ready to get in on their varied influences.
Kid Parade was born from a certain idea of pop, between an inveterate love for The Cure, Arcade Fire, The War On Drugs or Mac DeMarco ...
After a highly recommended EP in 2013, they released a first album “The Turtle Waltz”in 2016 on Lafolie Records label.
We feel a full blooming listening to the songs "Reflections", "Hey Boy" or "Marnie" which reveal a real musicality and sens of melody. We sometimes think of Swedish “Shout Out Louds”in the power pop approach of some titles ... Songs that speak of life, quite simply.
Jean-Baptiste Ayoub chose to lead the dance in a fluid and dreamlike English, because yes, if you can dream driving a convertible car by listening to Kid Parade, you can also dance with them, as on "Raft On The Sea "or" My Dog Is a Cat "! The three other musicians of the band, Philippe, Arthur and Sébastien, come from musical universes between rock, jazz and funk, which gives the titles of Kid Parade a colorful mixture but always going in the same direction: an indie pop between joy and melancholy.
If the Kid Parade are French and have recorded The Turtle Waltz in Paris, it is in El Paso, Texas, that they chose to mix the album. The famous sound engineer, Manuel Calderon (Beach House, Animal Collective) took care of it before giving it to the English Mike Marsh for the mastering.


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