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Dysphoriawave//HRTcore since 2015. Deadname is a bunch of nerdy queers from NY. Initially started as a weekly jam session between two acquaintances that evolved into a two-person electropunk friendship and, after local gigs and a short US tour with just a guitar, mic, mixer, and backing tracks on an Android, we found a killer rhythm section and morphed into a motley four-piece. Though we all share a queer identity, our main unifying concept is that we like our shit moshable, visceral, and, boundary-pushing. Deadname is: Benjamin - vox, keys, lyrics, art Chris - guitars, vox Jaime - drums, backing vox Liz - bass, vox [Begin header image description. Deadname's "Demonstrations" cover art cropped to the top. An acrylic painting on stretched canvas. An imperfectly level band of varying vibrant red hues against a white backdrop. End image description.]⁣