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Samantha Aurelio is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who is often noted as a “big voice in a tiny body.” A pocket of female empowerment, she has set out to break through the noise and curate a place where words are made to move you. Aurelio has gathered up a following across not only the Los Angeles area but the East Coast as well, with fans crowding into bars to enjoy the welcoming banter followed by passionate vocal lines - everyone knows when they go to see her live, it’s like she is welcoming you into her home and catching you up on the good times. 
 She is a pop artist with an old soul, compared to the likes of Linda Ronstadt and Sara Bareilles, Aurelio makes it known that you are welcome here. Armed with her pen and piano, she is set to release new music through these wild times we find ourselves in, starting with her new single, Glow, about overcoming in the face of the unknown OUT NOW.