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• started playing the guitar at the age of ten years • studied at the music college of lucerne from 1994-98 • from 1998 teacher at the "pop rock jazz" departement of the music conservatory of biel • from 1999 lectureship for improvisation at the music college of biel • 2002-03 master of music studies at purchase college, new york, usa • studies with John Abercrombie, Hal Galper • from 2004 professor for guitar at the HKB Jazz, Hochschule der Künste Bern Awards: • award at the international meeting of jazz in frauenfeld "generations 98" • achieved diploma at music college lucerne summa cum laude • dr. medicus scholarship 2002 Collaborations with the following musicians : Ralph Alessi, Tony Malaby, Chris Cheek, Jorge Rossy, Manu Katché, Matt Pavolka, John Stowell, Peter Schärli, Thomas Dürst, Christoph Baumann, John Voirol, Samuel Rohrer, Christoph Staudenmann, Urban Lienert, Samuel Joss, Lukas Bitterlin, Daniel Schläppi, Jan Brönnimann, Martin Streule, Marcel Papaux, Wolfgang Zwiauer, Fabian Kuratli, Domenic Landolf, Bänz Oester, Norbert Pfammatter, Patrice Moret,Markus Stockhausen, European Broadcast Union Orchestra 2004 and many more...