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UK based singer-songwriter Samuel Jack spent his formative years living a nomadic childhood with his father in Johannesburg. It was here that Samuel first took a passionate interest in music. Paul Simon - Graceland ' became the soundtrack to his time in South Africa. Coupled with his fathers love of Blues, Motown, Soul and Gospel, Samuel was inspired to build a strong relationship with roots music.
 Unveiling his highly anticipated debut album, Empty Pockets Crowded Heart, Vol. 1 March 2020, Empty Pockets Crowded Heart, Vol. 2 July 2020 & Empty Pockets Crowded Heart, Vol. 3 April 2021. A collection of songs narrating the emotions and feelings of the singer’s journey thus far. “What I’ve learnt, what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt -the adventure, the romance, the loss, the heartbreak. The honesty.” confides Jack. Sonically the 3 volumes combined display a beautiful reflection of his personality and representing his diversity of musical influences, from old school soul, to hip hop, blues and pop. 
 Feels Like Summer recently exploded around the world and quickly became Instagram's most uploaded song on IG reels in the USA. From Miami dance parties, athletes, chefs, fashion, to health and beauty, people of all ages, all countries have made this the 2021 song of the summer. The Feels Like Summer (Paul Woolford Remix) release September, Samuel also stripped the song back in Feels Like Summer (Acoustic) version.