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Most hip-hop artists didn’t grow up listening to Rachmaninov. Then again, there’s nothing typical about Swoope. The Ohio-born and Atlanta-based rapper, songwriter, and producer embodies soulful roots infused with inspiration while still incorporating today's triplet hi-hat and 808 driven sound on his fourth full-length album, Sonshine [Native North Records]. Long before he won a GRAMMY for his work on LeCrae’s Gravity album, co-wrote the Billboard Top 10 Blessings feat. Ty Dolla Sign, reached 1 Million YouTube views on his song #SameTeam, debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Gospel Albums chart, #3 on the US Christian Albums chart, and #4 on the Rap Albums chart, Swoope found his calling in Akron, OH. By 18, he went from performing at his church to becoming an in-demand pianist performing across the world from The Cayman Islands to Sweden. Then, he discovered Kanye West’s The College Dropout. He connected to the entire vision from the production, and content to the soul samples and humor. With the encouragement of his pastor, he recorded his first independent album, The Zoo in 2007.

“I want you to feel my music more than you hear it. If you react, it will last.” When listening to Sonshine this is exactly how Swoope wants you to connect to the album. Swoope goes on, “I listen back to “Sonshine” and can say I hear myself. I finally hear Swoope. I found my voice, and I’m using it to talk about Jesus.”