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Already a globally-celebrated artist with millions of fans, international sensation Shannon K is just getting started. The twenty-year-old singer-songwriter, actor, and influencer has just signed with Los-Angeles-based Merrill Artists (ECR Music Group) ahead of a slate of new single releases set to launch in May of 2021. 
 Shannon K (Sana Kumar Sanu) was born in India and raised in London, where she studied at The Royal College of Music before moving to Los Angeles. As the foster child of legendary Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu, Shannon has been steeped in music (and the business surrounding it) from birth, while always possessing a powerful drive to chart a path forward that’s all her own. 
 With an already-celebrated past, the brightest of futures, and a new label deal, she’s poised to claim her place in music’s stratosphere. Indeed, for Shannon K, the sky’s the limit.