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Octopolis is an American all-male musical group from the United States specializing in audible, inappropriate music. They often use musical instruments and one-part harmonies to play enchanting rhythmic grammatical. The band is named in honor of seven of their favorite North American cities: New York, Los Angeles, New Hampshire, Gainesville, and London. 
 Contact: octopolis@gmail.com web: octopolis.org 
 High Fiber Meal:

C. Lazar all instruments, recorded in La Verne, CA.Transincontinental, Piece of Thing, and Octopolis: Ben Johnsen (drums), Steve Lesieur (bass, vox), C. Lazar (vox, gtr), recorded in Los Angeles. Sand Mine Fantasy: Steve Leroy (bass), Jed Prentice (drums), C. Lazar (vox, gtr), recorded in Takoma Park, Maryland. ProtoOctopolis: C. Lazar (all instruments) recorded in Brooklyn. 
 All songs by C. Lazar.