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Offering a unique blend of genres and sensibilities with a knack for capturing emotional intimacy and undertones in his song-writing, Acoustic Foxx makes for a soothing escape from the world. A dark acoustic/indie folk sound taking inspiration from Seattle’s 90’s Grunge movement and delivered in the spirit of George Harrison. On the back of his previous two album and having been forced into isolation during 2020’s Covid-19 lockdowns, Foxx used the opportunity to record his new track 'This Time' with Joshua Whitehead at Crosstown Soundstudio’s. The result is a polished sonically intense track that synthesises alternative rock, grunge and folk. With a bluesy, yearning harmonica solo for good measure. “More than just a confident guitar ballad, ‘This Time’ offers a post-grunge sound and showcases mature lyrics that come straight from experience. A sense of unknowing and loss is at the forefront of this poignant track and it definitely tugs on the heartstrings. His gripping vocals take listeners on a journey through ups and downs. Lyrics like “well the tides have turned and I’ve lost my mind” feel particularly pertinent in today’s climate where we all feel a little lost an uncertain” says Forte Magazine. Acoustic Foxx’s new track ‘Shine a Light’ will be available from February 12th.