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A world on fire calls for fiery rhetoric—and even more fiery music. A tumultuous 2020 exposed some of the worst in society – systemic, institutionalized injustice, constant lies from those who have taken oaths to protect, and a core identity of inadequacy quietly impressed upon an entire race for hundreds of years. As society quakes, KB has a lot to say. Forming a joint venture with Sony’s Essential Sound/Provident Entertainment in early 2020, he hit the studio with longtime collaborator Cardec Drums and Wes The Writer. KB ignited his next chapter with a clear vision behind what would become "His Glory Alone". "My dream was to bring otherworldly God-centered lyricism to trap. The idea has been in my heart for a long time. I finally made it happen on His Glory Alone. The things I love most—prayer, celebrating God, and music—come together to hopefully encourage, empower, and heal.” “'His Glory Alone' is the mantra of my career and my quintessential album,” he leaves off. “I’ve been saying 'His Glory Alone' for years. God is the highest expression of the brilliance, splendor, genius, and all of the things that make you feel awe. Helping others see His grace will be my focus until I die. This album is the mountaintop of what I’ve always wanted to reach creatively. It’s everything I’ve worked towards for my whole life.”