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Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta

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Posted By Wilsoni Tha' Funk Masta

Debut release "Strange People", which BBC 6Music's Tom Robinson called “an immaculate, beautiful, grooving track that we really ought to pass on to Craig Charles...” was the first bullet point on his manifesto.

After making a point of leaning left with the "Stand Up & Be Recognised!" EP on May Day, lampooning the increasingly early onset of forced festive spending with "Christmas in July" further established Wilsoni Tha’ Funk Masta‘s identity as a true Funk soldier, moving people’s asses as well as their hearts and minds.

The music exhibits Wilsoni’s one-man mission as a groove generator (with a few featured comrades), channelling the funk through the spectrum of hip-hop, dub and jazz in true purple fashion as a producer, writer, engineer and multi instrumentalist.

Originally from Scottish Borders - once known for ‘80s funk-folk clansman Jesse Rae - Wilsoni was digging on Jamiroquai, James Brown and P-Funk whilst his classmates drilled the standard guitar-rock hits of the day. Briefly wandering Glasgow’s indie wilderness, the pilgrimage was made to “acid jazz Mecca” - London - where he continues to Funk high above the city from his “sanctuary of stank”.

As we revive the ‘90s, uptown folks and lowdown dilletantes are ready to freak. In an age of political disaffection, economic hardship, and superficial greed (not unlike the ‘70s), George Clinton’s gospel permeates Wilsoni’s quest to be “the Jam Hard Vanguard”, reminding people that the funk is relevant in the 21st Century!

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