White Suns


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    A Year Without Summer
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    Medicine Walk
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    Priest in the Laboratory
White Suns are a Brooklyn-based noise rock trio consisting of Dana Matthiessen, Kevin Barry, and Rick Visser.
Their music is a furious, punishing blend of hardcore punk and harsh noise, with unconventional time signatures, screamed (and sometimes spoken) vocals, and hair-raising electronic feedback. Brutal and cathartic, their work is chaotic yet highly controlled, and never predictable. The group formed around 2006 and released several cassettes, including a 2009 split with Vancouver's Shearing Pinx, before releasing their proper debut full-length, Waking in the Reservoir, on Weasel Walter's ugEXPLODE label in 2011. Sinews arrived on Load Records a year later. White Suns signed to The Flenser in 2014 and unleashed Totem, some of their most advanced, unhinged work yet. This was followed by 2017's Psychic Drift, an ambitious sonic construction emphasizing samples, synthesizers, and field recordings over the group's usual blitzkrieg assault. ~ Paul Simpson, Rovi


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