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Improviser, composer and explorer of music from around the world, Manuel Hermia simultaneously expresses his discourse as a saxophonist and his love for bansuri. the flute from North-India. His usual approach goes from modern jazz to free jazz. Besides, he has extended his knowledge of Indian and Arab music including ragas and maqams in a global thinking of music. Generally, he progressively incorporates into his language all the cultural elements that his course invites him to incorporate. He has also developed his own melodic-harmonic system with his theory called « rajazz », thus making a bridge between jazz and ragas, that is to say a tonal thinking and a modal thinking of music. Manuel Hermia has simultaneously developed personal projects in several directions, in contemporary jazz

with the trio Hermia/Ceccaldi/Darrifourcq, Orchestra Nazionale della Luna, Freetet, Manuel Hermia trio and in world music with Bahdja, le Murmure de l'Orient, Majid Bekkas... all infos :