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Scorcese is a four-member, English-language, indie-rock band from Sao Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2016. The members are lead singer/guitarist Thaís Amanda, co-singer-guitarist Fabricio Goes, bassist Rafael Vieira and drummer Abner Eugênio. 
 The band released 3 albums 'Broken Inside' (2018), 'Behind Sad Pictures' (2019) and 'For the prayers and the sinners' (2021), performing lots of gigs and interviews. 
 After 5 years Scorcese has been standing out on the Brazilian rock scene and reaching international listeners from countries such as England, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. Scorcese is keep going in 2021 with the release of the music video 'Do you wanna feel' (May), song taken from the album 'For the prayers and the sinners'. 
 At the meantime the band is finalizing new songs for the upcoming album, which promises an intense vibe, with powerful and memorable melodies. Among the songs, I could highlight 4 songs that I liked so much, in which I can frankly say without a doubt, that Scorcese will record an exceptional album. 
 - Carlos Momn - Post-punk musician and journalist