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KID DAD have released their feature track ‘[I Wish I Was] On Fire’, which is the latest single to be revealed from their just-released debut album ‘In A Box’. The track is brimming with a palpable feeling of tension and addresses the human propensity to lie in order to protect ourselves but also, says vocalist and guitarist Marius Vieth, it’s “about people, whose love for others is greater than for themselves.” I wish I was on fire, so I could deny it all.

To celebrate the release of their debut album ‘In A Box’, the band will be heading on tour to the UK and Germany for a string of shows in February/March 2021. See below for details. The band have previously toured across Europe and the UK, playing with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Fatherson, Marmozets, And So I Watch You From Afar. Marius enthuses: “Touring is living. We are extremely thankful for every post-lockdown show - this situation gives us even more reason to give our fans what they deserve: maximum emotions.” When musing on ‘In A Box’ as a whole, Marius says “We are not linear, easy to calculate or predictable. We are individual human beings who react individually. Nobody is allowed to determine what to be afraid of and what to look forward to. Nobody except oneself. Nobody knows everything about themselves – we are definitely still battling with questions. One may even sometimes wonder why one is the way one is - we definitely do. You are not alone and this album is meant to help you understand that.”