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It all begins with an idea, and thats when the cycle starts a new. Besides the hours you put in, translating music that’s in your mind onto a blank Ableton canvas, takes focus and in my case…total isolation. The first stages of sound design are like a little holiday. They are weekly moments, with talented friends and incredible ideas. However… When the sun comes up, and the bottles are empty, I know, that the real challange is about to begin. I think, if I didn’t enjoy the cocktail of pure joy and desperation, you wouldn’t be reading this. And the fact that you do, makes me humble in a way that is evenly filled with those two extreme opposites. It scares me, but exitces me as well. So don’t take this description to seriously, because I’m just a guy, who wants to create and share. We live in a world where sharing has become so overhyped, that the things that were meant to connect us, are ironnicly driving us further apart. Thank god, that music is still pure. They can’t take that away from us. And so without further a do. My name is christopher ladoix, and i’m a new music producer who is gonna go all in. So stay connected, and let’s see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.