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The self-taught Milwaukee native known as C.M.P. beat the odds by the grace of God. Coming from a split family where his father was a drug dealer and his mother is a Christian evangelist, he lived in two worlds at once. When C.M.P. gave his life to the Lord, he felt compelled by God to change the perception of men in his family so he legally changed his name to Christopher McIntyre Perceptions, which is where his artist name originates from. As an artistic polymath, creating is like breathing for C.M.P., considering the arts became an escape that turned into a platform for ministry. Along with leading a cryptocurrency / blockchain technology company called PerceptForm, CMPerceptions, his first company, became the home for the artistic legacy of C.M.P. which transcends solely music although his relationship with art started at 13 years old when he learned how to rap, produce music and write poetry. Within music, C.M.P. creates bodies of work more than singles that point to a forthcoming body of work. God, Family, Business is the mantra of C.M.P. that shines through his layered lyrics, lush self-production and intricate spoken word pieces. C.M.P. creates art that is unorthodox, peculiar and soul touching to accomplish the goal of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world at large. 
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