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The Nectars are like the first time you have sex. It’s fast, it’s loud, it’s over too soon, and you’re left desperately wanting more. Also, the lead singer is an alien.

Usually, when you think of a punk band, the terms “sticky” and “gooey” aren’t the first that come to mind. But that’s how Jess Kenny, lead singer and “weirdo alien hippie” of the Nectars describes her band and their frenzied, hook-laden, take-no-prisoners sound. “We’re wild, loud, and different,” Kenny says. She and the rest of the Nectars—Mike Baron, guitar; Mike Montalbano, drums; and Jon Paul (JP), bass—are frenetic, full of energy, and representative of a consummately DIY ethos. They’re especially known for their live shows—wild fits of unadulterated fun, a burst of unfettered passion and intensity where they seem to just about everything they can to bring the whole damn house down. “We love to play live,” says Kenny. “Even when we record, we all go in a room together and track the whole thing live. We are a real band; we really play our instruments.”