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Celso Paco – Vocals, percussion, timbila, kalimba, mbira Hans Edberg – Guitar, harmonica Håkan Hellquist – Guitar Ola Hedman – Bass Johan Björklund – Drums Afro-Groove, Afro-Jazz, Afro-Pop, Ethno, World Music? How should we label it? Maybe that´s not what´s most important. This is good, groovy and soulful music from the heart! Singer, composer, dancer and multi-instrumentalist Celso Paco has been acting as an Ambassador of Mozambiquan Music, Dance & Culture all over the world. His studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm has in recent years made him a resident in Sweden. This has enabled our continuos work in this group. The concept is built around Celso and his songs. The group acts as a collective and create together, all of them well aware of the roots of Celsos compositions but nevertheless not hesitating to bring in other elements from their musical experience. The members of this group are well established musicians in their own right within folk/jazz/funk/pop/rock/reggae and of course the diverse music of the African continent. Whatever the origin and styles of their music might be, Celso Paco & Dynamo de Luxe are devoted to the poetry, groove and energy of AFRICAN MUSIC! The result is a mesmerizing, moving and catchy mix of rolling rhythms, harmonies and sounds that have made a great impact on their audiences – from small clubs to big festivals. The mission of this band is to get audiences everywhere on their feet dancing to this unique sound and rhythm!