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Anthony Polanco, also known as ANTP (Antpstyle), is an American music artist, songwriter, and musician. He is best known as the former vocalist of Fresno-based hardcore band Kady! Danger and bassist of Fresno-based progressive metal band Sounds & Sciences. Anthony helped form both bands and appeared on Kady! Danger's "Gold Blooded" EP and Sounds & Sciences' "The Sapling" and "Provenance" EP's. In 2015, Anthony began self-releasing Pop/Hip Hop inspired music. In 2018, Anthony Polanco and Raymond Garcia of the Synth Zone Podcast released a series of retrowave tracks in collaboration with producers Zayaz, Clone3, and Flamingosis, featuring Anthony's lyrics and vocals. In March 2019 Anthony Polanco self-released his debut solo music full length album "Incantations".