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The German Band mixes up the scene with their passionate music and is celebrated during their live shows. The musicians want to break to new horizons and convince the audience with their music. Making music is what - Alexander Kühner wanted since a young age. He was looking for like-minded people, playing in cover bands, until he founded "High Tide" in 2014 with a longtime friend, the music student and guitarist Ben Wormser. In the bass player Kevin Pfeiffer, the organist Giuseppe Celentano, and the drummer Andi Braun they found Colleges who want to go to the top with "High Tide". Rocking compositions and harmonious arrangements are attested from the band like a professional stage show in which singer and musicians convince as well. Above all, the convincing and powerful voice of frontman Alexander Kühner and the fast guitar playing by Ben Wormser always comes up. "High Tide“ is inspired by the old rock bands.“Their influence is unmistakable in our music," said the singer of the German band. But they create their own style. "Retro Rock"it's called which is influenced by blues and classic rock. And the five are not wrong with their music, as the first years prove. The audience loves retro rock and the band. They are on stages in Germany and playing shows in other European countries like in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. With "Against the Current" the band recorded their first CD in 2016. In 2020 they will release their new CD.